We are about to jump on our swim trunks time travel board and surf through the years of men’s swimwear. Some of these style are totally insane, but so are we and so are our radical short swim trunks. Let’s check some of the wildness out.



Okay, holy Alcatraz Island this guy looks like hes is on the prison swim team. How was this at all suited for a suit to be worn in the water. Extra sinkable.



Well, alright boys (or girls) we love being unique and different so we give this some props, but we aren’t completely sure these are swim skirts instead of swim trunks. Not sure we can totally get this era’s back. On to the next.



Now, we are starting to crawl our way to some dope digs. These belly button huggies are a little to high in the waist, but we like what they did with the short swim trunks. Belt not included. Hope that’s not leather.



Hey there Mr. All American swim captain, we are diggin’ your trunks and it looks like you are too. Keep staying confident and vintage you old sport!



We love this guy because clearly he dgaf about anything but being steezy. Party on you beer chugging tight speedo swim trunk wearing king of life!



Right here ladies and gents is Frankie Avalon just being a total savage in the movie Muscle Beach Party. Clearly his is doing something right with these swim trunks and this is exactly the Euro Thrash style. Thrash on Frankie Aves!



Damn shit got real weird in the 70’s. We can still rock with it though. Peace, love and tight short swim trunks.



Ah, yes the 80’s our favorite era and what we design all of our swim trunks from. The 80’s had bright neon colors and short shorts, how could you go wrong with that. Clearly this dude is livin’ easy and staying steezy. Thrash is life.



This is where things started to go downhill fast. How and why did swim trunks become giant loose baggy basketball shorts. Who let this happen. Please let this die forever. It starts with us.



Who on the face of this beautiful bad ass planet let this ever happen. Swim trunks should never be long baggy board shorts. These should all be collected and eradicated in a dumpster fire. This dude in the picture is even telling his friend he regrets ever wearing these because he is just walking away from a group of people who just laughed him off the beach. Rant over.



Look, it’s pretty simple. Euro Thrash keeps it real with you and will always have you looking the freshest around. Stick with us and will take you to the neon bright short swim trunks promise land.Thrash On!