5 Music Festivals Not to Miss in 2018

We Thrashers love a good music festival because let's face it, there is nothing better than taking three days off adulting to visit a magical musical wonderland with all your besties and rage until dawn. While more and more music festivals are popping up each year, here are five that we know will tickle you in your fun places.



Coachella Music Festival 2018

One of the most popular music festivals around and it's for a good reason. Last year they expanded the festival grounds to make room for more . With countless stages of every genre of music you can think of, this is the perfect event to delight the masses. Every celebrity on the planet comes to this one, so there's a good chance you may pass by your Hollywood hero. It can be expensive, but plan ahead and see it at least once, because you deserve it. See you on the Polo Fields :p


Electric Daisy Carnival - EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival or EDC is hosted in several places around the globe at places like New York, Mexico, Orlando, UK and India with the most popular being in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. If you like EDM then this is a must attend event. It is three days of nothing but electronic music with multiple stages and the craziest event production you will ever see. The Motor Speedway is transformed into a fantasy world that will make you forget anything else outside of it exists. Be prepared because this festival will do you dirty. You will need at least a full week to recover. Worth it.



Stagecoach Music Festival

Now if you want the exact opposite of EDC and enjoy some honky tonk shit kickin action, then Stagecoach is your country playground. This festival takes place the week after Coachella at the same venue and can be just as fun. It's three days of non-stop country music so put on boots, a hat, shotgun a beer and get your two step on. By the end of this festival you will be leaving with a serious Texas twang. Yee-haw little doggies!


Life is Beautiful

 Life is Beautiful Festival

 Welp, the name says it all. Life is Beautiful is a three day event held in downtown Las Vegas. Downtown Las Vegas isn't the spot you typically party in when you do Vegas trips, but that is what makes this event so rad. Downtown Las Vegas is the walkable, no cars allowed Fremont Street of Old Vegas. This is where the OG Hotels and Casinos are and what Vegas was born from. You and the crew can stay at one of these Hotels on Fremont Street and you will never have to take a cab anywhere. Party it up in your room before the festival, then take the elevator down to Fremont street and walk to the festival. You can even keep getting your drink on while you walk with all the bars along the street slinging the fuel you need to get down with your bad self. On top of that, the festival feels like a small city since it's held in the old streets of Vegas. The artist lineup is legit and once you go you will have all the feels to keep you coming back over and over. Vegas baby Vegas!


Splash House

Splash House Music Festival

Last but not least, Splash House! We may be biased because we are the crafters of some seriously rad short swim trunks, but this is our top pick. If you are reading this then clearly you like pool parties and if you like pool parties then this is your dream come true. Three days of DJs spinning the freshest beats in sunny Palm Springs California. There are three different hotels all hosting their own parties. Our favorite hotel is the Saguaro because it is a color blast from the past. To describe it better, if our swim trunks were a hotel this would be it. They also have after hours night parties, so if you don't black out in the day, you can black out by night. Splash House? Yes. Thrash House? F Yes!




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