What’s up my dudes! Coachella is less than a month away and we are ready to party our titties off!! We always love to see our Thrashers stylin’ in and out of the pool so we have put together a short list of guy’s outfit ideas for Coachella 2017. Sorry Beyonce, there is no room for maternity fashion this year. Next time boo boo.

Coachella is a 3-4 day rage fest, so we like to get the outfits out of the way early to make plenty of space for deviant behaviors. Here are some ideas for you guys that need a little inspiration. Let’s take you from mild to wild..

Bro Tanks

Bro tanks bro. Because how can you truly be with your best bro without a tank. It gets hot AF at Coachella and you’ll probably be in Sahara Tent sweating your nuts off or twerkin’ to the floor at Travis Scott, so you better dress cool. As dudes we can wear bro tanks just about anywhere and Coachella is the perfect place to show off those pipes you’ve been gettin’ all swole. Bro tank, jean shorts and some comfy ass kicks to rage until dawn. Shit, throw in a headband like this dude if you have long hair or just want to up the brometer.

Casual Hipster Bro

The casual hipster bro look says I like to lift and will steal your girl, but I am a vegan with a kind gentle spirit just here to spread my exuberant love across the globe. This is our favorite look because you can mix and mingle with just about anyone. Casual enough to look like you DGAF, but still fly AF for all the festie babes to admire. Low key fresh bro. Party On!

Non-GMO Organic Free Range Palm Desert Hipster

If you are ready to embrace all that is Coachella and be one in the middle of the desert with the festival gods take notes from Austin Butler. His outfit looks like Jack Sparrow, a Haight Ashbury hippie and Pharrell made an elegant love child then iced that beautiful cake with some mega babe arm candy. Snag some hippie paisley or Native American inspired pants, a nice linen shirt unbuttoned to the max and a brimmed hipster hat with sunglasses to block out the haters. The bolo ties it all together. This look is dope if you can pull it off and as Thrashers we know you can. BTW dude is with Vanessa Hudgens, he is doing something right. So let’s get extra weird this Coachella season!


….but not this weird