Yo, check it out. We wanted to give you a little bit of a style guide so you can pair our swim trunks with something up top. Topless is always our number one option, but you know, if you want to buy a hot dog at a gas station (don’t do it) no shirt, no shoes, no service. So let’s get you fitted with some fresh.

Our swim trunks are super short and form fitting, so when jocking these rad boys you will need something that doesn’t fit like a dress.


Here are some looks:

Classic retro movie tank with an 80s color vibe will fit any look you are trying to make happen. Solid choice for any pair of swim trunks at any beach or pool. Effortless Efron.

A plain tank is perfect for any of our neon 80s swim trunks because they are already attention grabbing on their own. Plus the attention is focused right where you want it and maybe the grabbing will be too. Gosling the Great.

Sometimes switching up the flavor on a plain tank only requires you to add a pocket. Pocket tanks are dope and have some functionality too, you know, like holding a condom, maybe a airplane vodka, possibly a gum stick and definitely a phone number. Our swim trunks will do most of the work, but this will get you ready for the results. Number closing.

Bright neon 80s style is what we are all about, so this tank top or anything similar kills it. Short bright swim trunks or not, this style is dope on any thread item. This dude clearly knows where the party is at and we are following him. Be loud, be obnoxious and Thrash On!