Sup Thrashers!

New to surfing or want to start surfing? Below is a easy 5 step guide to waxing that bitch up


Step 1: Find a Good Wax

Start by going online or down to your local surf shop. Online just jump over to Amazon and a quick search will pull up a ton of results with customer reviews. Get a solid base coat wax and then a top coat. Our favorite wax is Mr. Zog’s Original Sex Wax. Maybe we like it because it’s and iconic surf wax brand or maybe we like it because it’s called Sex Wax, you’ll never know. Just make sure you pick the right weather type dude because these waxes have cold weather and warm weather formulas. We always prefer the warm weather because that’s when we get to rock out our super short swim trunksand not those wet suits that make you look like a rigid penguin asshole.  Oh and while you’re at it grab a surf comb and throw it in your cart. Any comb will do so just snag whatever you find! If you go to a local surf shop to grab all this gear, they will show you what’s up and throw you some good shit. Let’s go to step dos..


Step Two: Clean Your Wave Whip

Before we start if you are waxing a brand new board, congrats, skip this step homie. If not, you need to scrap that old funk off your junk. Use the straight edge of that surf comb you bought until the board starts to look new and shiny again. The board should be as fresh and clean as possible for the new sex wax job you are about to lay on it.


Step Three: Slap on da Base

This is important bro because this will be what stays on the longest and keeps you from slippin if the top coat comes off.  Basecoat wax is a much harder wax so it is tougher to lay on. Push down hard to get a good layer on. It will start to create bumps on the board, which is exactly what you want so you aren’t slippin and slidin. Here are some ocean motions you can use to get it on good.

Circles: This is the sensual rubbin.

Front to Back: The equivalent of missionary style, gets the job

done, but isn’t memorable.

Criss Cross: Just as bad ass as the twin kids that rapped and wore their clothes.

Psycho: Pretend like you have padded walls and get all mental ward on it.



Step 4: Throw the Top on

We always take the top off in every situation except surf waxing, so make sure you get this coat on. This is where you will have a warm weather or cold weather wax. This wax is softer and react more to the weather conditions, so make sure you have the right one. Since the top coat is softer than your Mom’s butt, you don’t have to press down as hard and it will be easier to apply. Some people use different colored top wax so they can tell the top coat and base coat apart when they are rubbin. Use the same strokes as you did with the base coat.


Step 5: Comb Over

After you finish up hittin the bangers out there, use the comb side to rough up the top layer of wax to get a couple more sessions out of it. This will help you grip it and rip it again the next time. Diagonal line up that top coat of wax. If a ton of top coat came off during the ride, you may need to throw some more on the next time. Every few months, start from scratch and redo both the base and top. You got all that? Dope.

Oh and one more thing. We aren’t getting paid for this so buy whatever the hell you want. Thrash on!