We started Euro Thrash because we found it nearly impossible to find form fitting men’s swim trunks that weren’t long and baggy. Mens clothing has changed to this style in every category, but not in swim wear. After years of looking for short mens swim trunks in rad 80’s colors, we had enough disappointment on our current options available so we decided making them for just us on our own. After jocking these swim trunks to beaches and pool parties, our friends and random strangers were dying to know where we got them and how they could get a pair. So now we want everyone to look super steezy and we began making them for the masses. We also saw that some retailers were selling board shorts for $150-200. Yes, you read that right and we didn’t add an extra zero. What dude on this planet is going to pay those kind of prices for swim trunks? Not us, probably not you, so we hope you get down with the sickness. Thrash On!