Sup Thrash Fam!

Caffeine fuels us to do all the cool shit we do and we wanted to share some Starbucks hacking knowledge with all you dudes. We wanted to find the cheapest way to get the most coffee kick in your balls and here’s what we found.

First up let’s talk espresso yo! With this trick you can order a double shot or quad shot. We always go quad shot because you know, why the fuck not? Ask for a quad shot of espresso, over ice, in a grande cup. This will leave just enough room to add a little bit of milk if you can’t handle the straight jet fuel. Total cost for this quad shot: $2.95

Get your quad on at the coffee shop, then get your quad on wearing super short swim trunks!

The second trick in our book we got for you is a new one because Starbucks just recently started selling cold brew coffee. Normally when you order a cold brew they fill the cup up with ice and then add half water and half cold brew. Most people don’t know this, but once you know it feels like you are being bent over and robbed of your innocence. Here’s what you do to take back your dignity (which we barely have any of) Order a venti cold brew coffee with NO water and NO ice. What this will result in is the darkest black nectar on earth filled with the gnarliest caffeine known to man. This unadulterated cold brew is not for the weak. You’ve been warned. Cost: $4.95

So there it is you delinquent hooligans! Wear obnoxious swim trunks and drink obnoxious beverages.