Oh and her 5 year old brother is bad ass too!

Meet Sky Brown (yea her name makes this even better) she is 8 years old and rips up the streets in Miyazaki, Japan right along side her 5 year old brother Ocean (the name, we know, dope)

Sky only just turned 7, but Super honored and proud to make the Amazing Team of Girlisnota4letterword. A huge big Thankyou and Shout-out to , Cindy whitehead, legend Skateboarder and Amazing promoter and Supporter of girls in Action Sports. Cindy is a wonderful friend/role model/ and representative for the female of the species. Helping girls and women stand strong and proud, esp in Male dominated boardsports, Always representing rad Style, and great taste, fair and kind but always Strong. Fresh out of California soo raw but refined, overflowing in positive vibes What Cindy has done and is doing for women in board sports is amazing.. Thankyou and hugs Cindy @sportsstylist Please checkout: @girlisnota4letterword @sportsstylist @exposureskate #flytoexposure2015 @ameliabrodka @sillygirlskateboards #sillygirlskateboards #girlisnota4letterword #pridesocks #xshelmets #ronineyewear #gn4lw #flytoexposure2015 #iheartpompom #5050waveskates #moonjelly #girlskateuk #awsm #theshredcenter #awsmkids #surf #skate #bmx #kibana #kizakihama #sky #flytoexposure2015

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Sky is making a big splash already in the skate scene and even got invited to the Vans US Open Pro Series in Huntington Beach, California. She is the youngest girl to ever skate this competition. Sky is in school in Japan, but tells her parents she already wants to skate full time. Her dad Stu, told BuzzFeed that she has been skating since before she could walk. He added “This is something that Sky has stood up to her whole eight years. She used to get burnt constantly by older boys and grown men. But instead of backing down she just got fired up and is on a mission. You’ve never seen an 8-year-old girl so determined to do what she loves,” Stu told BuzzFeed. “As her father, this is something I’m so proud of her, and whatever she chooses to be in the future I know she will go for it.”

Her brother Ocean is just as gnarly following right down the same skate path as his older sister. The two constantly skate together and Ocean will try to bust any trick Sky does. We are stoked to watch this tiny dynamic duo rip it up together and follow their dreams head first!

Oh yea, she can surf too. Ocean, we got a pair of swim trunks for you as soon as you can fit in them. Thrash On!