Top 5 Best Beaches in the United States

1. Kailua Beach, Oahu, Hawaii - Not only is Kailua crazy beautiful for it's powdered sugar white sand and it's clear vibrant blue water, but this beach and town surrounding it is chill to the max. It's a small town on the island of Oahu that not many tourists visit, so you can feel get your rest and relax on.

 Kailua Beach Oahu Hawaii Top US Beaches

2. Siesta Beach, Sarasota, Florida

 You know this beach is going to have some views for days when it's called nap beach. While this beach isn't going to be LIT. You can still turn up with your crew then pass out under the rays. Turn up, but don't burn up. Fiesta then siesta.

 Siesta Beach Florida Top US Beaches

3. Coronado Beach, San Diego, California

A solid go to beach in California that has unlimited awesome things to do. Tons of people in the ocean surfing, swimming and boogie boarding make it a super fun atmosphere when you want to be in the mix. We love the secluded beaches, but this spot comes in on our list for the hustle and bustle.

 Coronado Beach San Diego Top US Beaches


4. Coopers Beach, South Hampton, New York

 It's the Hamptons. Enough said. Well we can say a little more, I guess. This beach has been rated in the top beaches category many times and for good reason. Come to the Hamptons to enjoy serene beaches, massive mansions and elegant parties. You don't have to be snobby and high brow to enjoy the beauty of this area. Pinkies up whether you are sipping some bubbles or Bud Light!

 Coopers Beach Southampton New York Top US Beaches

5. Laguna Beach, California

There is a reason California has insane amounts of traffic and people packed in like sardines. That reason is the countless beaches and beach cities that California has all up in it. Laguna Beach is one of our favorite cities in Cali for it's laid back surf vibe and super chill people that call it home. Thrash some waves and impress some babes.

Laguna Beach California Top US Beaches