Top 5 Las Vegas Pool Parties

What is better than one of Vegas' insane nightclubs? Their dayclub pool parties. Who doesn't love day drinking and to be doing it at a sick Vegas hotel pool with a world renowned DJ. Say no more fam. Here is our list of our favorite Vegas dayclub parties:


Marquee Dayclub at Cosmopolitan


 Marquee is and has been holding strong for being one best pool parties in Vegas for awhile now. The pool is big enough to create an insane party, but not big enough to make it feel like if you drunkenly lose your friends you are destined for eternal solitude. On big event days the pool gets packed so get there early and you will be too drunk to notice if it does. Also, two fun facts: Marquee pool is toptional Monday-Thursday if the girls want to show the girls. During the winter, Marquee puts a giant rooftop dome over the pool to continue their epic parties year round.

Encore Beach Club at Encore


Encore Beach Club is probably our favorite club right now. We love how open space it is without feeling too big. The DJ booth is setup in the middle right in front of the pool so you can stay cool while being cool. If it gets too hot go inside the bar area and grab a drink where it's shaded, but if that's your sixth drink, then don't look behind you because you will see blackjack tables. Save that money to spend it on things that won't make you even remember the day. Duh. It's not a waste when you're wasted.

Wet Republic at MGM Grand

Wet Republic Pool Party Las Vegas

Wet Republic is by far the most massive pool party in Vegas. The pool is Olympic sized and  probably full of 80-90% pee, but who cares when you have Steve Aoki riding a raft over the top of your head spraying champagne. Get here early because lines are long and security is tight, like real tight. So if you plan to bring any extra circulars with you, don't or hide them VERY well. Fair warning. Also, if you don't have a table it's almost impossible to get your way up to the bar for a drink on a busy day so pre-game like your time, money and life depended on it.

Drai's Beachclub at The Cromwell

Drais Dayclub Pool Party Las Vegas 

Daylight at Mandalay Bay