The first real golden era skateboarding began in the 1980s when everyone was rockin’ short shorts and bright neon colors. It was a beautiful time for so many things and the reason why we brought that 80s style back in the form of the shortest, raddest swim trunks ever. (and of course all the sick vibes we throwin’ out) Skateboarding has been around forever, but the world saw it completely blow up in the 80s and here is why. Meet Stacy Peralta, regarded by some as the epic Godfather of skate and skate film. One of the many reasons Stacy is so dope is that he is credited with creating the first action sports video.


Enter: The Bones Brigade.


This is one of the first and most killer skate teams that ever existed. It included dudes like Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Bucky Lasek, Rodney Mullen, Colin McKay and Danny Way, just to name a few. It was like the All Star Team of skate and gave rise to the success of many of these pros early in their careers.

In the mid 80s Peralta began making videos as a promo tool for Powell-Peralta skateboards. This was also the time when the VCR began its popularity. The kids in skate shops began asking if they could buy the video that was playing on a small TV in the store and boom there goes the dynamite, the first skate video. Peralta then began making these skate videos to sell to kids, in addition to using them as a promo tool. This completely changed skateboarding forever. Kids could now go home and watch a pro do a trick over and over to then learn it themselves. The Golden Era of skateboarding began.


Lessons learned:

  • Sk8 or DIE
  • Wear short shorts
  • Make everything bright neon
  • The 80s were dope AF
  • Stacy Peralta is the man
  • Stay Rad
  • …and for the love of all that is holy, only wear short swim trunks (everyone secretly laughs at dudes in baggy board shorts, no seriously)

Watch Stacy explain the 80s phenomenon here: