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ShotSticks® are a great addition to any beach house, ski chalet, bar, fraternity, sorority, tailgate...actually ShotSticks® are just a great addition anywhere people gather for a kick ass time.

Whether you prefer a shot or a beer, the ShotStick® comes with both interchangeable shot glasses and beer glasses. With a simple flick of the wrist, they are securely attached, and you are ready to party.

Grab two of your best buds, hell, grab two strangers and let the fun begin! Oh, you have more than two friends? Well good for you...we've got you covered. Attach our simple connector and add another ShotStick® to keep the party growing.

Think you can beat our current record of 255 people drinking at once? Go ahead, I dare you...send us proof. We will be sure to hook you up with some merch and give you a shout out on our social pages.

If it's 3 friends, 6 buds, 9 comrades, 12 doesn't matter, with ShotSticks®, everyone and anyone (21+ of course...) can join the fun. 

Shooters shoot...take your shot.